On November 29 at 15.00 in the Library of Elbasy (1 Bokeikhan str.) within the scientific and exposition project "Historical choice" events dedicated to the Day of the First President will be held.

Every year, the project "Historical choice" reveals different facets of the country's recent political history. In 2019, the main topics of the project were the 30th anniversary of the Law "On languages" and the history of public initiatives of N. Nazarbayev.

At 15.00 there will be a "Scientific and Literary Lounge" - a dialogue platform, where the history of language policy of Kazakhstan will be considered from three perspectives - political, historical and linguistic. The art-historical component sounds in the verses of the great Abai - founder of Kazakh written literature. The participants of the event, among whom will be authoritative representatives of national science and culture, well-known public figures of Kazakhstan, will express their expert opinions on the history of the development of state policy regarding the state language for 30 years.

The opening ceremony of the exhibitions will be held at 15.30.

The exhibition "Signs of high recognition" introduces a unique collection of public awards of Elbasy N. Nazarbayev, awarded to him in different years for excellence in economic development, health, science, education, maintaining of interethnic and interreligious harmony, support for sports and other achievements in the domestic and foreign policy of Kazakhstan. In total, more than 40 exhibits will be featured.

The exhibition "Fate of language - fate of the nation" from the archival, museum and book collections of the Library of Elbasy consistently reveals four thematic areas: "The history of writing of the traditional Kazakh society", "30 years of leadership", "30 years of the Law "On languages", "Modern language policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan". The exhibition will feature more than 70 documents and 50 photos from the Personal Archive of Elbasy, among which manuscripts, working notes of Nursultan Nazarbayev, dating back to 80-90 of the 20th century are of particular interest. Materials from the museum and book collections along with archival sources illustrate the history of the implementation of the state language policy aimed at supporting modern Kazakh literature, trilingualism, the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet, the popularization of the rich literary heritage of Kazakhstan.

Exhibitions in the framework of the project "Historical choice" will run until February 29, 2020.